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October 17, 2018

An "how to" file has been added to the "usefull link" section. This PDF explain in a clear and efficient way (at least i hope) the way you have to use XML partlists provided with instructions, on

The PDF file:

December 15, 2017

From now, and without obligation to purchase, you can get part list for any instructions from on request.

Just ask for it via the contact page or directly via

When you receive a part list, you receive two files:

- A "regular" part list dis...

January 5, 2017

Instructions for a new car (3 liveries), the Zspeed TURBO, are available on  Not only a new car, it's also a new category: TOURING CAR!

December 19, 2016

It's Christmas time so it's gift time! A new category of instructions just appears on Free instructions!

Small scale cars from 20 to 200 parts and, why not, other things will regulary pop up in this category. The cool...

April 29, 2016

The T-006 is there! To celebrate it, you get the T-006FC version for all T-006 building instructions purchase!


April 18, 2016

Building instructions often recquire Lego® technic pneumatic hose. I use them to recreate exhaust manifolds and other tubing. For my personnal collection, i get stuff from a very good german E-bay seller, TOYMANIX. Fast delivery, top quality product and unbeatable pric...

March 25, 2016

A newcomer on! The P-34 racecar 6 wheels!

A fully functionnal 4 wheels steering frontend and the now usual features: V8 technic, suspensions on rear wheels, modular  a real one!


March 11, 2016

A new racecar added to the site today, the M2X!

To celebrate this launching, the retail price is 9.90 euros during one week.

Basically, this is a redeco and slight retool of the M/26.
Look at this livery, lovely!


February 26, 2016

A new open wheel race car building instructions has been added to the shop: The M/26 racecar!!product-page/c1cs/e9fac8a4-6516-c22a-882c-c6b0888f7211