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!!!IMPORTANT!!! LEGO® bricks are not intented for children under 36 months. Keep bricks away from pets, don't put them in mouth. Store them in a clean box.
What do you sell?

I sell Building Instructions only. In the case you'd like a complete finished version of models despicted in these building instructions, contact me at



The only payment method accepted is Paypal. Used it for years in private and professionnal environment and i trust them 100%. Due to the nature of the product, there is no refund nor retractation delay.

How does it work, how do you send the building instructions?


Once you've ordered the building instructions of your choice, you get a confirmation mail with a link to download from a secure server what you've ordered. If you don't receive any link within 12 hours, contact me. No problems, only solutions.

My computer has crashed and i've lost all my building instructions, what can i do?

Don't worry! is a serious site belonging to a serious guy. I keep all history of transactions and in the case you'd need again the file(s) you've bought, i send it to you on demand.



Are these models difficult to build?


No. The step by step building instructions makes the proces easy. All you need is time and LEGO® Bricks. The part list at the end of all Building Instructions file shows all parts by their official reference. It makes your quest for parts more easy.




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